Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Introducing my small STORE.

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Liliano Ventos

Friday, 21 March 2014

Me? Jealous of you?LMFAO.Oh Honey bless your heart.

Floras:Are you man Enough? Lol relax guys is liliano again .....In today’s globalised world of fashion, perceptions can change in an instant; with the traditional ideals of dressing frequently,The floral revolution in menswear is the perfect case in point. Following designers’ proclivities for ethnic-inspired prints such as Navajo, Kente and Batik, it was only a matter of time before florals made their presence felt in menswear.
Summer is here and i'm wearing my Flora shirt that i got from Cheap Mondays Store, very comfy Shirt... it's feels like you're Shirtless . (lol) However, i simpley styled this Shirt with my  Chino Pants which i got it from Pool & Bear last year i think this is my favorite pants in my closet , nothing more nothing less and with Moccasins Flat comfy shoes that adds that summery vibe. Many says that i was wearing Flowers on me, hehe. but this time i truly agree!
I love walking for miles on some places like, parks and around the city where there's lot of shops.
How do you spend your day during sunny and hot day?

I love everyone who views my blog,welcome again next time. Asanti!

What I'm Wearing

Hat-Fedora Hat -Splash
Bracelet-Splash Art
Chain-Splash Art
Flora Shirt-Cheap Mondays
Chino Pants-Pool & Bear
Summer Comfy Shoes-H&M


Saturday, 15 March 2014

"My Motto is Y.O.Y.O = You're On Your Own"

Denim Love:This drab summer has, however, presented an opportunity to get even more wear out of what was already regarded by many as a spring/summer essential – the denim jacket. This classic piece of clothing has transcended decades and remained, more or less, popular throughout,in Kenya we little produced it by decorating the denim jacket with African prints on it which realy came out so beautiful as you can see on the pics,well but i like wearing things fast and effortless, hmmm simple tee, longs and a pair of comfy shoes and Go!

The place that me and my friend went this time for the photo shoot was at the Souq  in Doha this is the place where everyone who visits Qatar must go,allot of culture is going on there as you can see on the pictures,i enjoyed my time there it was a grate time me being there,we smoked  shisha,we ate at the Italian restaurant,and took allot of pictures.

On this look, i re-used the Kenyan Made  denim jacket, but i DIY it by turning it in to a vest! I know it's crazy but since now i have 2 denim jackets, i don't need to have 2 when i need 1!
So i did something crazy to have this denim vest...Asanti ! :)

What I'm Wearing

Bracelet-Splash Art
Chain-Splash Art
T-shirt-Robert Geller
Danim Jacket-Kenyan Made
Summer Espadrilles Shoes-Max

Friday, 7 March 2014

"Im what happened in #DOHA"

Summer is my favorite,it came back with colors, yellow chino pants by Jeremy Scott  and the orange tank t-shirt by Alexander Mcqueen Tops just made it,becouse it was still windy i just dint forget about the summer blazer and the brown flat shoes, then fedora fedora fedora hat people singing haha.Believe it or not, I liked the look. A lot. Nothing says you know who you are sartorially AND have come to party quite like the summer color look.But before you do, hear me out. Menswear is heading in a direction that the color summer looks sums up perfectly: classic with a twist. After years of studying the art of dressing, we’ve come to a crossroads.One path is encouraging us to emulate the 1950s and develop a timeless personal style that will transcend the next fifty years. The other desperately wants to find new ways to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of stylish gentlemen.
But as always, there are some rules that need to be followed…
1.Get The Fit Right
2.Mix And Match
3. Keep It Simple
4. Experiment
Final Word
Obviously, if this is your first time trying this look, I’m not suggesting you go all out with a color tuxedo like Mr Williams did. Baby steps, people, baby steps.
Some guys are just born cool, or at the very least have the number of Lanvin’s creative director. Yet with enough attention to detail, you could be rocking your own little red carpet number at your friend’s back garden BBQ or drinks on the terrace this summer.
 Asanti sana !!